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Professional Video Service for Boston and Central New York

IMAGINE, a high definition video for your website, like the one to the right, starting at $525. plus travel expenses with free DVD included. Our estimates contain no hidden costs or charge and we guarantee full satisfaction!

Other production companies with an offer like this rely on stock footage to complete your video. We believe your business or product should come first and that's what we show. Voiceovers, graphics, lighting, interviews, special effects, are all part of the package. So call John or Lillee at (978) 548-7808.

We also create instructional, training, documentary, deposition and wedding videos, including full graphic design and packaging. Because we are in such big demand, we often require 60 to 90 days notice for an upcoming event.

Cloissone Enamel Baphomet Medallions

Limited Edition!!! Only 1,000 pieces in circulation

Rev. John has re-designed the Baphomet medallion with a modern, more clear design. These beautifully crafted Cloissone Enameled Medallions are currently available and sold as a pair in Teutonic Red and Midnight Black. They measure 1.75 inches (4.4 cm) in diameter. Our baphomet is slightly larger than the other more common ones!

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Eliphas Levi had this to say:

The Pentagram, which in Gnostic schools is called the Blazing Star, is the sign of intellectual omnipotence and autocracy. It is the Star of the Magi; it is the sign of the Word made flesh; and, according to the direction of its points, this absolute magical symbol represents order or confusion, the Divine Lamb of Ormuz and St. John, or the accursed goat of Mendes. It is initiation or profanation; it is Lucifer or Vesper, the star of morning or evening. It is Mary or Lilith, victory or death, day or night. The Pentagram with two points in the ascendant represents Satan as the goat of the Sabbath; when one point is in the ascendant, it is the sign of the Savior. By placing it in such a manner that two of its points are in the ascendant and one is below, we may see the horns, ears and beard of the hierarchic Goat of Mendes, when it becomes the sign of infernal evocations.